Officially launched on KickStater

Perpetual Well, the World’s first pet watering system that is self-filling and self-draining, officially launched its crowdfunding campaign today on Kickstarter.

Perpetual Well is permanently installed and provides unlimited fresh filtered drinking water for your pet. Perpetual Well was designed to solve the problem of providing a constant source of clean drinking water.

“The Perpetual Well was created out of necessity. My black lab Shadow was on medication that made him drink constantly”, said Dave Dinger, inventor of the Perpetual Well. “I would often find his bowl empty, and I knew I had to do something about it. After doing much research, I realized nothing existed that would fit the bill. So I went work and years later we finally have Perpetual Well.”

“Perpetual Well is patent pending. The design, materials, and labor that goes into manufacturing the Perpetual Well are substantial,” said Brad Jordan, CFO of Perpetual Well. “The Perpetual Well is being made in the USA and the time savings of this watering system makes the cost worth every cent!”.

Perpetual Well is available for pre-ordering starting September 26 through October 26. During the Kickstarter campaign, the Perpetual Well can be pre-ordered starting at $149 which is a 40% savings over the retail price.

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About Perpetual Well
Perpetual Well, LLC. is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, co-founded by Dave Dinger and Brad Jordan. Dave Dinger, the inventor, has had 30 plus year career in construction and is a school counselor. Brad Jordan is a serial entrepreneur building several successful companies from the ground up and has had a 40 plus year career in real estate. Perpetual Well aims to solve the problem of keeping your pet hydrated with a constant source of clean drinking water. Manufacturing is anticipated to begin in 2018 and will be done in Sarasota County.

Media Contact
Heath Jordan
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