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Bringing a new product to the market is a daunting task!

The Perpetual Well is a solution to empty, stagnant pet watering bowls. This permanently installed appliance is a full-time pet watering system. The project has taken years to develop. I’ve been thinking and trying out new ideas to see what will work. It has been a passion for me in many parts of my life as a builder, designer, and problem solver. I have taken on numerous problems and have had success in finding solutions. I spent years thinking about how to provide a continuous supply of water for my pets. My elderly dog’s needs consumed my thoughts and attention as he needed more water, due to medications, during the final years of his life. I attempted to find a solution, however, there were no products available that solved my problem. I then tried to design my own product using a variety of containers and plumbing supplies. There was always an obstacle due to available materials at that time. Over the past few years, new plastic materials and changes to plumbing products have made it possible to create a working model that makes sense, is easy to install and is cost effective.

Three years ago, I decided to make my move and knew I needed a partner. Many inventions fail because the inventor may be good at inventing but inexperienced with the business and marketing aspects which are also necessary for success. I found a partner and spent time talking about my vision. Together we began to develop a focus. I completed a working model of our product. The concept proved to be valid. Together we worked for several months on a patent application. When it was completed to the best of our ability, a patent attorney was hired to review and submit the application. While waiting for the patent attorney to complete his work, we continued on. We began to set up our Limited Liability Company as our business structure. We named our company Perpetual Well, LLC. We then decided to work with Delaney Manufacturing, a design and manufacturing company.

Months of work went into the final design. Initially, the proof-of-concept model was square. It soon graduated to a rounded model being more visually pleasing. The challenge now was to create a set of molds to manufacture our Perpetual Well here in Sarasota, Florida, USA. We are excited to announce Perpetual Well is in full production and available for order.

Perpetual Well. Never Dry! That’s Why!

Dave Dinger
Inventor and CEO

Perpetual Well Drinking Fountain Prototypes

Perpetual Well Drinking Fountain Timeline

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