• How difficult is this unit to install?Perpetual Well FAQ

We recommend professional Installation. Installation is usually less than 60 minutes, and all standard parts are included. Once the unit is connected to the water and sewer lines and attached to a solid wall surface, you’re ready to go.

  • Will it leak and damage my floors?

The unique patent pending design allows overflow water to be safely and automatically emptied into a sanitary drain connected by a professional to your home.

  • Will my Pet be afraid of it?

Pets, like people, adjust at different rates. Water is water, and most pets will easily enjoy the availability of fresh water all the time.

  • My Pet is rough on everything. Will the bowl stand up?

The unit is designed to protect the detachable bowl. Normal Pets should not be able to detach the bowl. The design does not lend itself to chewing.

  • Are parts replaceable? Are there more parts to buy

All parts are replaceable. The unit is complete for a standard installation.

  • How easy is it to clean?

The unit is easily cleaned with dish detergent.

  • Is the bowl dishwasher safe?

The bowl is dishwasher safe – top shelf only

  • How to clean the water reservoir?

Periodically cleaning the float area is important to keep your pet’s water supply clean.
We recommend using a small bottle brush that is bendable. Make sure to be careful around the float that’s in the back. Use either lemon juice or vinegar in a spray bottle. You can clean out the backside by accessing it through the top lid, overflow slot, and the water hole using a slow, gentle sweeping or twisting motion to clean the primary reservoir.
Cleaning Perpetual Well

  • Why is there no other watering system like this?

Consumers have never been under so much time pressure. The ability to automate watering is here now. Inexpensive water bottles no longer hit the mark. This is the first in-home patent-pending system.

  • Perpetual Well is the first in-home patent pending system.

This automatic water bowl keeps water available for any pet. The system provides an infinite supply of water. The size of your pet will not be a problem.

  • What is the height of the lip on the bowl if mounted on the floor?

It is 7 3/4 in.

  • I am concerned about my pet drinking from a plastic bowl, do you offer a stainless steel bowl?

We currently do not have a stainless steel bowl. We are working to design one in the future. We have consulted a veterinarian, David Mitzelfeldt, DVM, about plastic allergies. He has assured us that the concern with plastic bowls is with regard to a food bowl rather than a water bowl, as the dog presses his/her chin into a food bowl and makes contact with the plastic whereas contact with plastic is not made with the water bowl unless it is close to being empty. Of course with Perpetual Well, the bowl does not reach the point of empty. Our bowl is made from food-grade HDPE plastic. It is food-safe for humans and is BPA Free.

  • I can hear my Perpetual Well filling even though the bowl is full. What should I do?

There are two likely causes. The most common reason that the perpetual well continues to run after the bowl is full, is the bowl didn’t seal correctly against the rubber grommet on the back of the base. Removing the bowl and check to make sure the grommet and bowl where the grommet seal meet is clean. Place the bowl back into the unit. If this doesn’t fix the problem the grommet seal may need to be replaced, you can order a replacement seal from https://perpetualwell.com/product/grommet/

  • What are the dimensions of the wall unit?

9-1/2″ wide.

10-1/2″ tall.

Bowl height off the floor is 8″.

Protrusion from the wall is 8″ similar a large pet water bowl.
Perpetual Well Dimensions

  • What’s the difference between cabinet and wall mount for the $15 difference?

The wall installation is typically installed on the floor and not elevated. It also allows you to cut a larger opening in the wall to accommodate work on the plumbing.
The extra items that are included in this kit are a color-matched wall shield with mounting rails and a different easy-to-install shut off T-valve for tapping into the cold water supply line. see less

  • When removing the bowl, do you have to shut the water off first so a low level is not present causing water to flow out?

When you remove the bowl, water will continue to flow down the drain. The way in which you stop this is by shutting the water off, with our supplied shut off valve.

  • Does this require regular cleaning? My current water bowls usually collect hair and small bits of food.

As any open bowl of water would need occasional cleaning, This one is no exception. We offer Additional bowls for purchase to make this job even easier.

  • I don’t have a basement for the down drain. Can this system function properly without installing the down drain?

You can install the Perpetual Well without a basement. If this is a remodel you will need to install it close to existing plumbing and tie it into both the waterline and the drain line. We Do Not recommend installation without using the drain line unless you are installing outdoors.

  • Do you make a stainless steel bowl

We don’t have a stainless steel insert or bowl at this time.

  • Is there any way possible for the fill valve to malfunction and flood your home?

If installed properly it should never leak or overflow and flood your home. It is designed with overflow protection. Watch the Perpetual Well Intro video below.

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