Perpetual Well Dogs Drinking from Automatic Water Bowl
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Perpetual Well Automatic Water Bowl

Never Let Your Cat or Dog Go Thirsty Again with Perpetual Well, the World’s First Automatic, Self-Filling & Self-Draining Pet Water Bowl!

Utilizing innovative and patent-pending technology, Perpetual Well ensures your pet has constant access to a fresh, filtered bowl of water… that has overflow protection designed to never overflow or leak.


We know you’d do anything for your furry friend, after all, they’re a part of your family! But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can get caught up in the hustle of day to day life and unintentionally neglect their needs…

This was the exact problem faced by Dave Dinger and his wife, as they struggled to ensure their dog Shadow had constant access to fresh water to help him deal with the excessive thirst he was experiencing from a medication.

Feeling discouraged by the cheaply made automatic water bowls that were on the market at the time, Dave decided to take matters into his own hands and custom design his very own automatic dog waterer for Shadow! Dave spent the next several years developing many different prototypes and after much trial and error, Perpetual Well as the world knows it today, was born!

Never Dry, That’s Why!

An Automatic Dog Water Bowl Unlike Any Other

Extending many benefits to both the owner and pet alike, the Perpetual Well provides a lifetime of convenience in exchange for a quick one-time installation process. You’ll love never having to worry about whether your pet has a clean, fresh bowl of water! Meanwhile, your pet will love being able to always find a reliable source of clean drinking water, allowing them to properly hydrate themselves whenever they need.

Top 10 Reasons Pet Owners Are Loving the Perpetual Well

  • Provides Fresh filtered water 24/7
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Designed to prevent leaks and overflows
  • Easy to replace water filters
  • Great for Dogs ,Cats and other domestic pets
  • Clear easy directions with video for installation
  • Built to last! All parts are replaceable
  • Materials safe for pets and humans, BPA free
  • Self-filling self-draining even in the event of a valve failure
  • Made in the USA

Here’s What Real Pet Owners Are Saying…

“The Perpetual Well was easier to install than I thought. My Dogs love it. I think they are drinking more!”

Paul W (verified owner)

“Wow, I’ve been looking for a way to make sure my pets have water on those days when I work Late. This is it. My Handyman installed this in about an hour. It works great.”

Sarah B (verified owner)

“Why didn’t someone invent this before? It’s just is what I needed.”

Bob P (verified owner)


Perpetual Well made in the usa

Perpetual Well is the result of many years of thinking and planning to become the world’s best pet water fountain. Our patent-pending automatic waterer provides a continuous supply of clean, fresh water for your pet with minimal effort from you.

This automatic water bowl operates without assistance. The auto-fill capabilities combined with the drainage of overflow water makes our system unique. While your pet drinks, the water bowl is automatically refilled with fresh, clean water. A valve operates the flow of water and refills the reservoir as the water is depleted. The built-in overflow system provides a means to drain away any water that may go over the edge of the bowl as the pet drinks so the water ends up down the drain and not on your floor! To maintain this system for optimal performance, simply clean the bowl.

Lifestyles today require routine systems to be automatic with minimal care and effort. How much time do you spend refilling and cleaning your pet’s water bowl? Do you ever discover the bowl empty? Perpetual Well keeps your beloved pet’s bowl full so they stay consistently hydrated and you have one less worry.


Perpetual Well automatic dog waterer

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