9 Ways in Which Your Dog Can Help You Stay Fit

Dogs can be wonderful fitness buddies. They are always happy to get out the door to be with you, they never complain about the length of a workout, and they can be so energetic, they inspire you to work out harder.

Research at Michigan State University has found that dog owners tend to be about thirty-five percent likelier than non-owners to get the 150 minutes of exercise each week that doctors recommend. It doesn’t matter if you’re just taking your puppy for a walk. If you keep up a brisk pace, you can burn more than 300 calories an hour. The great thing about dog ownership is that walking is just one of the many ways you have of getting exercise together. There are any number of other ways to try. Here are ideas.

Run with your dog

The great thing about running with your dog is that once you set up a routine, your dog will expect you to keep to it. No matter how lazy you feel on a given day, you won’t be able to say no to a dog waiting eagerly by your sneakers hoping that you can go on a run. It’s always great to have a running buddy who’s more energetic than you are.

Go paddleboarding

Paddleboards are perfect for dogs. You sit in the middle of the board and paddle, and your doggie stands at the far end, and happily looks out. You need to just make sure that your dog has a life preserver on, in case he falls off the board. Dog life preservers come with handles that help you pick them up with ease. Pick a calm day, and head out. You’ll burn lots of calories paddling to move forward.

Try kayaking

If you have a sit-on-top kayak, it can be a great way to take your dog out on the water. Small dogs usually like to sit up front, and larger dogs are usually comfortable in the middle, by your feet. As long as you go kayaking on calm, slow-moving waters, your dog should be happy. You should just make sure that you bring along a supply of treats to keep your dog engaged while you burn calories exercising your upper body with the paddles.

Try getting on a bicycle

If you have an extra-energetic dog that you have trouble keeping up with on walks or runs, you should consider getting on a bicycle. You’ll be able to go much faster than you would if you ran. Your dog will be grateful for a chance to run hard. If your dog has issues like anxiety, a chance to run can significantly help.

Get those rollerblades out

If you’re not much of a cyclist, you can strap rollerblades on when you take your dog out. You do need to be an expert rollerblader to make sure that your dog doesn’t yank you right off your feet. Take your dog to a park during an uncrowded time of the day, and you will have a lot of fun running around.

Join a doggie fitness class

There are fitness classes that are designed for both people and their dogs. These classes put you through high-intensity exercises for cardio and strength, and your dog gets obedience drills. While most of the exercises are aimed at you and not your dog, you’ll both have fun.

Try some doga

Doga, or dog yoga, is a popular activity these days. In the typical class, the instructor helps you try different kinds of stretches and moves, acupressure and massages for your dog. You get to do your own poses, as well.

Play active fetch with your pooch

With a normal game of fetch, you simply wait while your dog fetches a ball or frisbee that you throw. With an active game of fetch, you run alongside your dog to the article that you throw. Your dog will have a lot more fun racing you to get there first, and you’ll get lots of exercise, as well.

Try to walk or ski in the snow

If it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s still no reason to keep your dog trapped at home. While some dogs like Huskies are built for snow, nearly all dogs enjoy a romp out in the cold. You just need to make sure that you get your dog protective snowshoes to prevent snow build-up in the paws.

You don’t have to own a dog to get exercise with one. All you need to do is to get in touch with your local animal shelter and volunteer to walk a dog. Dogs at shelters really need walks. You are their chance for lots of fun and exercise.
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